Lighting matters! That is our motto! Every event is an opportunity to enhance your Event! Whether it’s a  Wedding Reception, Holiday Party, Industry Trade Show, a Conference or Seminar, fantastic lighting will make your event stand apart and add excitement for your guest!

We'll set the mood with colored lighting, brand the room with your logo, or highlight speakers or awards. DJFEP has the expertise to make your event exceptional.  

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Beautiful purple Up-Lighting created by PRO Wireless Up-Lights at the Tradewinds Resort Hotel

 We use top brand Wireless and Battery operated Lights with full color DMX controller's to create vibrant color washes!

Stage Lighting


DFEP has the been in the event business for more than 20 years and has the experience to make your event a shining success!

Light Branding


Corporate Name branding in a growing world of companies seeking to brand, brand, brand with powerful yet subtle lighting emphasizing your name or logo!


A technique called 'Tiling" is made with multiple GOBOs and masked to create a long GOBO !

From simple MONOgram to more complex multi-GOBO tiling!

Pin Spotting

Beautiful cake Wireless Pin Spotting Light  sets the cake off as a masterpiece!

Pin Spot and make any object pleasing and a focus to the eyes!

Tent & Outdoor Lighting

We have outdoor lighting both regular Incandescent and battery powered LED!

String/ Market Lighting for a beach event, themed party or a rustic chic outdoor wedding reception!